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#Quick Start


#Prepare for the blog

Open config.ymlin the theme root directory

Modify the following options as required:

title : Change your blog name

description : Change your blog description

keywords : blog keywords (SEO related)

baseurl : The directory folder where the blog is located should start with /. If it is the root directory, please leave it blank. (It is recommended that the blog be placed in the root directory)

url : Your domain name, such as atlinker.cn, does not need to add http/https://

bulidtime : the time stamp at the time of blog establishment, which will automatically calculate the time of blog establishment and display in the footer. Date-to-Time stamp

paginate : The maximum number of articles displayed on the home page, which exceeds the set number of articles, is automatically placed on the next page.

background : Topic Picture Path on Blog Home Page

theme_color : Blog top column color, fill in the color code ** but don’t enter # **

MathJax : Whether to open MathJax (Boolean value)

author : author’s name

Developer options

PJAX : PJAX Refreshless Loading (Boolean Value)

# Setting up Domain Name

Modify the CNAME file in the root directory for your domain name

The basic settings for the theme have been completed.~

Open the friends.ymlfile in the data directory and add new code according to the template in the file.

#Article Stickie

Add stickie: true to Front Matter

Such as:

 layout: post
 title: Hi
 stickie: true


#The premise

You must make sure that you have read Valine

Configuration file:

_data/social.yml : Fill in app ID and key and comment information

_includes/comments.html : comment settings

After making sure the configuration is correct, change the value of “enable” in data/social.YML from false to true

#Write at the end

Please spend 10 minutes ** seriously ** reading the document. If you have any problems, please mention issues. I will try my best to help.

If there are any difficulties in using Bug, please also raise issues! :+1:

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